The meaning behind the name: Platinum (blonde) naturally, with some help from my colorist every 8 weeks. Penniless (without pennies) I mean this in the realest way possible. I am a blonde girl and I have no money.

To be honest, I never had an emotional epiphany that lead me to blogging and I don't have an adventure or a journey to tell you a long drawn out story about. I have always been interested in fashion and blogging, so I started Platinum & Penniless to get involved in all that fun and provide readers with a daily look book of outfit inspiration.

A little more about me:
My hood : New Jersey // My age : 22 // Major inspirations : the Olsen twins, Courtney Trop, Kate Moss, anything Parisian // Happy hour : Cabernet or an ice cold beer // Favorite shops : Zara, H&M, ASOS // Can't live without : Dunkin Donuts iced coffee, my pups, pizza, live music, Instagram, fam, NYC // Go-to outfit : black ripped skinnies, black and white striped tee, black flats, stacked rings and dainty necklaces // Style mantra : Less is more

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